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The pros and cons of different ways to add videos to hihaho.
The pros and cons of different ways to add videos to hihaho.
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Hihaho adds a ‘layer’ over an online video. This is why you need to put your video online first. Would you like to know the pro’s and cons of every way to add a video to hihaho? Keep reading to compare all platforms!

Upload in hihaho



  • If you are already using another platform, it may be easier to connect this platform to hihaho.

YouTube and Vimeo


  • Use videos from third parties or upload your own for free.


  • YouTube shows advertisements on your video when the video pauses.

  • Parts of the player of Vimeo/Youtube will remain visible. The paid version of Vimeo does allow you to customize this.

  • When you want to use Vimeo for free, there is a limit to how much you can upload.

  • If you'd like to upload tons of videos and want to get rid of advertisements, you need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Paid video platforms

We offer integrations with the best-known paid video platforms, such as JWplayer, Qumu, Kaltura, Bluebillywig, Mediasite and Panopto.


  • Advanced security options.

  • No advertisements.

  • The player bar of these platforms won’t be visible.


  • You'll need to connect your account to hihaho to be able to find your videos.

Good luck with choosing the best platform for your videos! And if you'd like some help, don't hesitate to send an email to

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