Connecting your Panopto account
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Would you like to add an interactive layer to a video from Panopto? Connect your account to see a list of all your recent uploads, right in hihaho.

Configure the integration in Panopto

To create this connection you first need API credentials from Panopto. You need admin access to Panopto for these credentials. Contact your organization's system administrator if you do not have admin rights.

Step 1: Log in to your Panopto site as an Administrator, expand the System menu, and select API Clients

System menu, expanded and highlighted by a red box. On it, "API Clients" is also highlighted by a red box.

Step 2: At the top of the API Clients page, select New.

API Clients page. At the top, the button "New" is highlighted by a red box.

Step 3: In the Create API Client window, make sure that you provide a Client Name, the Client URL (optional), select the button to the left of Server-side Web Application, and set the Redirect URL to: Then select Create API Client.

Create API Client window. On it, the fields for Client Name, Client Type (Server-side Web Application), Redirect URL, and the button Create API Client are highlighted by red boxes.

Step 4: Client Id and Client Secret will appear (Fig. 4). Copy and paste these into a document. You will need these credentials in hihaho. Then select Ok.

Configure the integration in hihaho

Once you have the API credentials (Client ID (API Key), Client Secret (API Secret) and domain name), follow the steps below in hihaho to connect your Panopto account to your folder in hihaho.

Step 1: Log in to Click on your account name. A drop-down menu will appear.

Step 2: Select ‘Folder settings’ in the menu.

Step 3: Choose which folder you’d like to connect to Panopto. Click on the pencil at the right to edit this folder.

Step 4: Select the tab ‘Connections’ and click on the button ‘Connect’ next to Panopto.

Step 5: Enter your API Key id, API Secret and domain name.

Step 6: Press 'Test Connection' to save. You will be taken back to the Connections page, where your Panopto site will appear as connected.

Visit for more info about Panopto.

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