Yes, we do! As an editor, you can choose from 12 languages for the studio and we have even more languages available for the interactive videos themselves. You can now publish your video in over 20 languages!


Our studio is available in English, Spanish, Russian, French, Mandarin, Japanese, Hindi, Portuguese, Dutch and German, Danish, and Arabic.

Our platform will try to identify your preferred default language and, if the language is supported, will automatically switch to that language. If you want to use a different language, you change it in the upper right corner by clicking on the flag.

The player is available in twenty languages: Arabic, Danish, English, Mandarin, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, German, French, Dutch, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Indonesian, Turkish, Polish, Papiamento, Papiamentu, Romanian and Frysian.

Keep in mind that user-generated content, like questions and feedback, won’t be translated when you change the language in the settings of your video.

In the example below, the pink-outlined text is automatically translated into German. The English text was put in the question by the creator and is therefore not automatically translated.

You can change the video language in the video settings.

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