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Copyright: Ownership of content
Copyright: Ownership of content
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You might be wondering who owns your interactive video. We will clarify this.

There are two elements: the original video and the interactive layer. You are always in charge of your interactive layer. Whether or not you own the original video depends on which video you use. If you use one or your own videos, then (of course) it’s yours.

But you can also use someone else’s video. For example, a popular YouTube video. In that case, you only own the interactive layer and you might run the risk that the owner of the video deletes the video. When that happens, your interactive layer will still exist, but the video won't.

In most cases, it is completely legal to use hihaho on a public video. This is because hihaho does not alter the original video, it only creates an interactive layer. For this reason, most copyright laws do not apply.

End of license
When your license ends, you are still the owner of the interactive layer and/or the video. But your videos won't be visible anymore to others. Contact us for more information about ending your license.

Since copyright is a difficult and complicated matter, we’ve collected more information on copyright infringement laws. You yourself are in charge of using public content with respect. Please do read our terms of service and our disclaimer, too.

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