Making a 360 degree video interactive
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⚠ Currently, it is not possible to upload a 360 degree video in hihaho. However, you can upload a 360 degree video to YouTube or Vimeo, add this video in hihaho and create the interactive layer in hihaho.

In a 360 degree video, you want the viewer to be able to look around by clicking in the video. By default, the video pauses when you click into the video. You turn that off manually for the 360 degree video.

Step 1. Go to 'Settings'. It's the icon in the shape of a gear.

Step 2. Click on the tab 'Interaction Settings'.

Step 3. Select 'Enable 360 video settings'.

This feature prevents the video from pausing when someone clicks in the screen. Also, it enables the viewer to look around in 360 by dragging the image in the video screen.

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