Creating interactive livestreams
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Are you going to host a livestream? Then maybe you'd like to promote a product and create a 'Buy now' button, add buttons to your website or even embed a live chat within the video. That's all possible in hihaho! In this article, we'll show you how to make your livestream interactive.

How to make an interactive livestream

Step 1. Click on +New interactive video in your video overview. Select the video platform that you're going to use for the livestream and paste the URL. We currently support live streams through YouTube or Vimeo.

Step 2. Click on 'Add interactions'. So in short: adding a livestream is the same as adding any other video from another platform.

Step 3. Add interactions. For example, a button to a website, an iframe with a chat feature or a pdf file. Some options are disabled in the edit mode for livestreams. It is for example not possible to jump to another part of the video.

⚠ Keep in mind that since the video is live, it doesn't really have a timeline, so it's not possible to submit an end time for an interaction. That's why you can turn interactions on or off manually. When you change the status of an interaction while you already shared or embedded the interactive video, this change will immediately be visible for all viewers.

You can set up interactions in advance and turn them on at the time you want to show the interaction to viewers.

And that's how you create an interactive live stream!

Preschedule interactions

Check these following steps if you like to preschedule your interactions instead of designing them on the go.

Step 1. Add a dummy video in hihaho.

Step 2. Predesign the interactions that you want to use in your live stream in this dummy video.

Step 3. Add your live stream as a new video and import the interactions via the ‘reuse interactions’ button on the top left.

Step 4. Publish your video and go live 🎬

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