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Make sure your interactions work as planned
Make sure your interactions work as planned

Why your interactions don't display in the right order - and how to solve it

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Some of our interactions affect the course of the video (Question, Pause Screen, Jump to, Form, Rating, and Menu). They pause the video or skip parts of it.

To make sure these interactions appear in the right order, we recommend keeping at least half a second between them on the timeline. If you place them closer together, the video might not play all interactions as planned. This is because the videos are streamed from online platforms.

The other interactions don't automatically affect the course of the video. The video will continue to play when showing an image of text field, for example. Therefore you don't need to keep space between these interactions.

Combining a Pause Screen with other interactions

Only when combining the other interactions with a Pause Screen, it is important to start the other interactions a little earlier and end a little later than the Pause Screen. When you put all interactions at exactly the same time, there is a possibility that the other interactions have not loaded yet when the video pauses. Half a second before and after the Pause Screen should be enough to tackle this.

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