Adding interactive video to AskMe
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If you want to add a hihaho video to AskMe, there are two options:

Add the link

Publish your video and make sure the video is available for the users of AskMe. You can for example choose "people with the link" or "everyone".

Copy the video URL beneath the publication options. This is the URL you can add to AskMe.

Embed your video

Another option is to embed your video in AskMe. Use the embed code from your hihaho video to add an interactive video to your course.

If you want your video to be only accessible through your AskMe website, choose 'My websites' and add your AskMe website under 'Allowed websites'. If you experience troubles, try using the static embed code instead of the responsive embed code, or contact us.

Settings in AskMe

Hihaho works the same as other (not interactive) videos. So you can use the same settings as for other videos.

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