Re-using interactions
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Copying and pasting your interactions will save you a lot of time. There are two options to reuse your interactions:

Copy interactions within the same video

Step 1. Click on the interaction with your right cursor button and select Copy

Step 2. After the page is refreshed the copied interaction appears below the original one

Step 3. You change the timing or design of the copied interaction just like any other

Copy interactions from another video (reuse interactions)

Step 1. Click on Reuse interactions on the top right

Step 2. Select the video of your choice

Step 3. Select the interactions you'd like to copy.

Do the interactions in the new video need to be in a different place? Then set at the bottom how many seconds the interactions should be moved forward or back. To place interactions earlier, use the minus sign. For example, enter -1.5 if you want the interactions to start a second and a half earlier.

Step 4. Click on 'Import'

Step 5. After the page is refreshed the imported interactions will appear in the timeline

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