How to add a password to your video
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Do you want to lock your video? With the entry question, you can create something like a password for your video. The viewer needs to enter this password before they can watch the rest of the video.

Step 1. Add an entry question at the very beginning of your video

Step 2. The question can be something like: "Fill in the password"

Step 3. Add the password as a correct answer option. If you want to give multiple viewers different passwords, you need to add all of those passwords as a correct answer option.

Note: Keep in mind that if someone fills in one of the other passwords (not theirs) they can still continue with the video.

Step 4. Add 'Continue playing' as the action type.

Step 5. Choose 'Repeat the question' in the General action type field.

Step 6. Disable the feedback screen completely.

Step 7. Share the password with your audience. Only after filling in this password, the video will start.

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