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We've come to understand that our iFrame interactions may need some more clarification.

With this interaction, you can place a frame in your video and within that frame you can embed anything. The viewer will be able to navigate through, for example, your website within the video.

How to set this up?

There are just two steps:

Step 1. Copy the URL of your video/form/website/etc.

Step 2. Paste it into the iFrame interaction editor

Note that whether or not you can embed something in an iframe interaction depends on the sharing settings of that specific site/video.


In this video, the form is added as an iFrame interaction. So now people can set up a meeting with our support hero Ivo while watching the rest of the video.

In the same way, you can create video inside video.

Or explain your webshop on the left side of the video screen, and let the viewer navigate through it simultaneously on the right side.

More inspiration

Check out the interaction page on our website for more examples of how you can use the iFrame interaction.

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