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Want to address your viewer in the video personally? Or give a personalized voucher? You can add this to your interactive video in four ways:

With collect viewer data

Step 1. Go to the video settings.

Step 2. Go to collect viewer data.

Step 3. Add one or more optional variables.

Step 4. Save the changes.

Step 5. Add the variable to your interaction like this: {variable}

Step 6. Share the video as you would normally do. The variables that viewers fill in at the beginning of the video are placed in the interactions.

Read more about our Collect viewer data feature.

Through the URL variables

Step 1. Add optional variables as described above.

Step 2. Add the variable to the video URL, so the viewer doesn't need to fill in anything anymore.

Add a ? to your video URL, followed by the variable. So for example:

Note: if you want to add multiple variables, place a & between them:

Step 2. Add the variable to your interaction like this: {variable}

Step 3. Share a unique URL with every viewer.

Through a CSV import

Step 1. Publish your video to People I select.

Step 2. Open the Selected viewers settings.

Step 3. Download the template Excel file.

Step 4. Fill in the names and email addresses of your viewers. If you want to add more variables, just add a column to the template.

Step 5. Upload your Excel file and submit.

Step 6. On the right, click on Download selected viewers. You need this file later on.

Step 7. Add the variable to your interaction like this: {variable}

Step 8. Open the downloaded Selected viewers file. You'll see a new column in this file, with a unique URL for every viewer. These are the URLs you can share with your audience.

Read more about our Selected viewers feature.

Automatically with our API

With our API there are a lot of options to automatically add personalized data to the video, which takes to effort from you or the viewer to fill this in manually. For example, if you embed the video on a page where the name of the viewer is already known, you can automatically add this to the interactions.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this.

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