Why does my font look differently to others?
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People might be viewing your videos from all kinds of devices like desktops, laptops or mobile phones. All these devices run on different operating systems like Windows, Apple’s macOS or Android. These operating systems in turn can have different fonts installed.

Fallback fonts

In our text editor, we provide an array of fonts to use that are installed on most computers. That of course means that some fonts we provide do not work on some devices. This is where fallback fonts come in. If the font is not installed, a very similar font is shown. If that font is also not installed, another similar font is being tried and so on.

Space of the letters expand

Some fonts take up more space on the screen than others, even if they have the same font size. For example because they have wider letters or more space underneath them.

This means that you have to keep in mind that the text you’ll see might be a little different that what an other person sees. We recommend always keeping a little room in your design so the text does not overflow any borders you draw.

Google Fonts

To be sure that the same fonts load on every device, you can use the fonts that have (Google Fonts) behind the name. Given that the user has not actively blocked the loading of external fonts, Google Fonts will always be displayed. The downside is that downloading these fonts can take a few extra seconds loading time, so your video will load slower.

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