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How to make a mouse-over effect
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Using a gif file of your button, you can create your own hover effect.

Step 1. Make a gif of your button with these specifications:

  • The first frame is what it looks like before hovering

  • The following frames are what it looks like while hovering

  • Make sure the duration of the 'while hovering' part is as least as long as you think the viewer will hover over your button

  • Export as a gif file with a maximum size of 3,5 MB

Step 2. Add the button to your interactive video using the image interaction

Step 3. Go to the Style tab and select Play gif on mouse over

How it works

The first frame of the gif will be shown until the viewer hovers over the button. Then the gif will start to play, so that's why you need to make sure it's long enough (otherwise it starts over at the first frame).

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