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Activating your account for our partner platform
Activating your account for our partner platform
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As a partner of hihaho you'll get access to our partner portal

with exclusive documentation, how-to guides, promotion materials, webinars and more.

The steps below are only available for hihaho partners. Become a Content Business partner, Reseller or Integration partner to benefit.

How to activate your account for our partner platform

After your partner contract has been signed by your company and hihaho, you can follow the steps below to activate your account and set a password.

Step 1. Go to the login page

Step 2. Select Lost you Password? A new window opens.

Step 3. Fill in the email address you used when you applied as a partner.

Step 4. Follow the steps and receive a password.

Step 5. Done! You can now log in to your partner portal with your Email Address and password.


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