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How hihaho works: adding an interactive layer to an online video
How hihaho works: adding an interactive layer to an online video
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Hihaho adds an extra ‘interactive layer’ over an online video. So you just start with a basic online video.

The basic video

This is just a regular video. Because hihaho is an online tool, you must put this video online. It works easiest to upload the video right away in hihaho. The video may also be on one of the platforms we have an integration with, such as YouTube, Vimeo or Mediasite.

The interactive layer

In the studio of hihaho you add interactions to your video. Think of questions, buttons, invisible clickable layers or a table of contents.

Hihaho displays the interactions on top of your original video. If you use a video from another platform, this means the actual basic video on this platform will not be adjusted or downloaded. Of course, this says nothing about the viewer's viewing experience. They will experience an interactive video very differently. Especially if you work a lot with jumps, buttons or even branched scenarios.

Hihaho is a SaaS platform. It is 100% web-based, so you can edit your hihaho videos on any pc or tablet with access to the internet. Your changes will be visible as soon as you’ve pressed ‘save’. Furthermore, the newest version of hihaho is always at your disposal; there is no need to install any updates. It is even possible to edit and update a published video.

Sharing your video

When you publish your interactive video, you'll receive a new URL and embed-code to share your interactive video. Measure the impact of your interactive video with advanced statistics.

Your viewers also don’t need to install any software. Just pass on the link to your video and they can watch it right away. Because hihaho is an online tool, your interactions will only work when your viewer has access to the internet.

Endless possibilities with hihaho.
Because hihaho does not adjust the original video, you can use the same video for tons of different purposes. Simply add a new interactive layer to the video each time you want to create a different video! This way, one video can be perfect as an explanatory video, an informative video or even as a marketing video. It all depends on your choice of interactions. The world is at your feet.

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