How to make a branched scenario
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In order to make a branched scenario in your interactive video, you will have to film all possible options and put them after each other in your video edit.

Then there are different ways to let people choose fragments in hihaho and turn your video into a branched scenario:

When you use the second option you have to combine different interactions.

Option 1: Question interaction

The easiest way to make a branched scenario is with the Question interaction. Just fill in the question and answers like you would normally do. Then, you can add an action type to each answer, for example: ‘jump to specific time in video’. This way, you make sure that the video will jump to that specific part.

Note: If you want your viewers to be able to jump back to the question at the end of the scenarios, you need to allow answering the question multiple times. You'll find this feature in the Advanced tab:

Option 2: Combination of different interactions with Pause Screen or loop.

Another possibility is to combine different interactions with a Pause Screen or loop (Jump To interaction). Create clickable buttons using hotspots, text, images or transparent buttons and an action type. Make sure the viewer has enough time to choose by using a Pause Screen to pause the video or by creating a loop using a Jump To interaction.

At the end of every branch, you can jump back to the Pause Screen, so that the viewer can choose again and watch the other options. To enable this, use the Jump To interaction at the end of a branch.


Pause screen

Advanced tips

  • Create buttons in Adobe After Effects and make them interactive using transparent buttons like in this video.

  • With branched scenarios, it is extra important to make a script beforehand. If you're new to this, our consultants are happy to help you get started!

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