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This article defines the parameters that are available in the hihaho player. By appending these parameters, you can customize the player experience and add functionality to your video. For example, you can add the loop parameter to cause a video to play repeatedly.

Supported parameters


If you use this parameter hihaho updates about the progress of the video via JavaScript. Contact us for more information and/or documentation.


Setting this parameter overwrites the design of the playerbar. Use

?style=0 for default

?style=1 for large playerbar

?style=2 for fixed under video.


This parameter enables displaying interactions before you press the play button.


This parameter prevents the video from pausing when someone clicks on the screen. Also, it enables the viewer to look around in 360 degrees by dragging the image on the video screen. Use this article to enable this option automatically.


This parameter causes the video to play again and again.


Setting this parameter enables autoplay (without audio). Tip: Enable this function in the settings in the editor.


This parameter specifies the start volume on a specific level (between 0 and 100).

?s=02.3 / ?s=00:02:03.78

If you use this parameter, the video starts at a specific time. Use seconds (first example) or the timecode you use in the video editor (second example).

?name=Ivo van Halen


Prefill optional variables with this parameter.


Hide just the chapter interactions using this parameter.


Hide multiple interactions using this parameter.

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