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5 tips to create the best quizzes, questions and tests
5 tips to create the best quizzes, questions and tests
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Tip 1: Add voice-over

Read the question aloud and add this voice-over as an audio file to your question.

You can only upload audio files in MP3 format.

Tip 2: Include a score screen

A real quiz, of course, should include a score screen. Add a score screen to your last question using the action type "Show scorescreen".

Or add a scorescreen at the end of your video. Set this in the end of video settings. You can find these video settings (the gear icon).

Tip 3: Create adaptive questions

Did your viewers give the wrong answer on question 1? Then they need to answer a few more questions to get more practice. Did they get question 1 right? Then they can skip the next questions.

Use the action type "Jump to another interaction" to jump to different questions in the timeline of your question. This video was made using this method.

Tip 4: Use the statistics

Are you curious how your viewers scored? Or do you want to know their answers? All answers given will be saved. Check this information by going to the statistics page.

You can even ask for interests and contact information and use it to connect with your viewers.

Tip 5: Combine other interactions to create other question types

Don't limit yourself to the standard Question interactions. By combining other interactions, you can create really cool question types. For example, the question below is created using a Text interaction, Hotspots, an Image, and a Jump to interaction. Click here to watch the video or take a look at our other examples.

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