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By combining interactions, such as Pause Screens, Text- and Image, you can make your own and completely personalized menus and questions!

Get inspired by these examples:

Example menu

Use the following interactions:

  • Jump to interaction to create a loop around this menu

  • Text interaction (without text) as a semi-transparent full-screen background

  • Text interaction (without text) as the menu box background

  • Text interaction (with text) as buttons, add an action type to make the buttons clickable

  • Image interaction to add the icons

Example question

Combine the following interactions:

  • Hidden Pause Screen to make the video pause

  • Text interaction with the question and at the same time as a semi-transparent background

  • Text interaction with an action type for the 'watch again' button

  • Image interaction for each answer option, add action types to make the answer options clickable

Note: start the other interactions a little earlier than the Pause Screen to make sure your interactions work as planned.

Example menu #2

Use the following interaction:

  • Transparent button to make everything that you put in your linear video clickable

If you have a Professional or Supreme license, we can also customize the player bar and the standard interactions to the colors of your organisation. Find out more about the options.

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