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Adding subtitles to your video
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We recommend that you upload the subtitles separately in hihaho. This offers a few useful advantages. The viewer can turn the captions on or off by themselves (if you want them to). You can edit the files afterward, without having to upload the video again. And finally, you can add multiple languages of subtitles to the video.

In this article, you will discover how to add subtitle files to your interactive video and how to create these files.

Add subtitles

You can find the subtitle feature under your video settings.

There are 4 ways to upload your subtitles

Option 1: Auto-generate subtitles via AI

Nice and easy. Get your subtitles generated by AI within the hihaho platform. AI will do the work and you can get a cup of coffee (the length of your coffee break depends on the length of your video ⏳). Refresh the page to see if your subtitles are ready.

The video will be subtitled in your language, but subtitles in English will also be made. Choose one or let your viewers choose.

After generating, it is possible to manually fine-tune the subtitles. Download the subtitles and open and edit in notepad. Save as .SRT and upload your edited file to hihaho.

⚠ Currently, this option only works with relatively small videos. If the feature is not working, your video is probably too big. Try again with a smaller video file.

⚠ Don't see this feature in your account? Maybe this option is not enabled for your account. Contact us so we can help you further! Just contact us via the chat or send an email to

Option 2: Paste text

Adding subtitles manually is a very time-consuming process. Therefore we do not recommend creating subtitles manually.

Option 3: Select from video

When you're editing a video from Vimeo or Qumu and this video already has subtitles, it's possible to import this subtitle track. When your video is not on Vimeo or Qumu, this option will be unavailable.

Option 4. Upload a subtitle file

Add an SRT file or WebVTT file.

SRT files and WebVTT files are just text files that are used along with video data. Any text editor can be used to open SRT files since they're just plain text files with a specific format. Creating these files in a text editor is time-consuming and mistakes are easy to make. Check this article to solve common problems.

Display options

There are many different ways to set subtitles in hihaho. Not quite getting there? Please contact us. Then we'll help you get started.

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