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How can I change the thumbnail?
How can I change the thumbnail?
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Depending on how you've added your video to hihaho, you can change the thumbnail in different ways.

Video platform

When you're streaming your video from one of the video platforms, you can change the thumbnail on that particular platform. Check their knowledge base or support to find out how to do this exactly.

Upload to hihaho

If you want to change the thumbnail of a video that you've uploaded into hihaho, go to the video settings ➡thumbnail.

Step 1. Select a new starting image / thumbnail of your video. The image must be at least 1920 * 1080 and have the extension: jpg, jpeg or png.

Step 2. A preview will be visible.

Step 3. Click on start uploading to apply the new thumbnail.

It can take up to 10 minutes for the new image to be visible. The image will be processed, you'll receive an updat via email once this is done.

Note that the thumbnail is part of the source video, not the interactive video. If you make a copy of your interactive video and change the thumbnail, it will be changed in every version.

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