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Can I create animations with hihaho?
Can I create animations with hihaho?
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If you want to create interactive animations yourself, you can create the basic animation in tools such as Vyond, Wideo or Blendr. Import the animation video in hihaho and add the interactive layer. This works just the same as with any other video.

Don't see yourself creating an animation yet? Contact us for advice. We have a large network of video partners who are specialized in animation and have experience with hihaho.

Here are a few examples of interactive animations:

⬆Animation combined with interactive transparent buttons.

What’s a better way to introduce your brand new videogame than using interactive video to do it? Since you can make elements in your video clickable, you can create a playable demo in your trailer! Watch more.

⬆Animation combined with a menu

Interactive video is perfect for turning long, complicated manuals or medical prescriptions into clear videos. Using the menu interaction, your viewers decide what part of the video is relevant for them to know. You can even add subtitles in multiple languages. Watch more.

⬆Animation combined with transparent buttons.

This video shows how you can use hihaho to explain a project in an interesting way. Who would you like to meet? What questions would you like to ask? Decide what you want to see and click. Watch more.

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