Using start questions (optional variables)
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What is it?

Ask the viewer to enter data or answer questions before starting the video.

Why do you want to use this?

Personalize your video

For example, before the video starts, ask for the viewer's name or hometown. Use these instructions to use their input in your interactive layer.

Filter outcomes and statistics

Use the collected data to gain insight into the results of individual viewers.

Questions to ask

For example, ask for a name, company name, or student number.

Are you asking for someone's email address, postal code or zip code? Then hihaho can automatically check if this is a valid entry. Use Email, PostalCode-NL or Zip-Code-US in as name.

How to add start questions

You add the start questions in a different way from regular question interactions.

Add the start questions via the video setting. Go to the collect viewer data tab.

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