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Hihaho offers several publishing options. Want to know exactly how individual viewers watched the video and answered the questions? Then you can choose to generate a unique URL for each individual viewer. This way, the statistics of your video can be viewed per viewer without the viewer having to leave their contact details. Useful for educational purposes for example.

Read in this article how to create the unique urls and how to view the statistics of individual viewers, Want to collect data from individual viewers in a different way? Then check out this article.

Creating and sharing a video with unique URLs

Step 1. Choose People I select when publishing your video.

Step 2. Go to Selected viewers.

Step 3. Download the template for selected viewers.

Step 4. Fill in this file (optionally add extra columns)

Step 5. Import the file in hihaho

Step 6. Download the new Excel file with unique URLs for every user.

Step 7. Share the unique URLs with individual users. By hand or for example with MailChimp or your own software.

Detailed video statistics

View the progress of your viewers via the video statistics. Within the statistics page, click Selected Viewers via More options at the top right of your screen.

Statistics selected viewers
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