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Can I see who watched my video and how they interacted?
Can I see who watched my video and how they interacted?
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It can be very useful to know who watched your video and how your questions were answered by specific (groups of) viewers.

Basic information

Basic information can be found in the video statistics.

Detailed information

Do you want to collect more detailed information or create filters based on data? Hihaho offers different methods to obtain this information.

Option 1

Ask viewers to submit their name, email address or something else at the start of the video

Option 2

Create unique URLs and track the progress of individual viewers via the publication option People I select.

Option 3

Use (open) questions and forms.

The outcomes of your questions can be found in the video statistics. Filled-in forms will be sent to an email address.

Option 4

Turn on Progress markers
Perhaps you tried your best to make a great video and then… you discover that nobody finishes it. What happened, did you do something wrong?
No, that doesn’t have to be the case at all. When nothing happens in the last few seconds of your video, people will probably close it before they’ve fully finished watching it. And then, the session will be registered as ‘Not finished’.

Option 5

Does your organisation have an LMS or LRS. Then you can also collect data from individuals via scorm or xAPI.

Option 6

Do you have technical support or are you tech-savvy yourself? Then you can also take a look at the API options.

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