Different ways to use the Pause Screen
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Did you know the Pause Screen can be used in many different ways? In this article, you can find the following uses:

1. To create a moment of rest

When you want to give your viewers some time before continuing, you can turn the Pause Screen into a 'Click to continue'-button.

For example, the viewer might need some time to study all parts of this graphic. Whenever they click on the button, the video will unpause.

2. To pause the video for your own menu or question

When you're making your own questions or menus with different interactions, you usually want to pause the video.

In that case, you need to add a hidden Pause Screen.

3. To give extra written information

You can use the Pause Screen to give extra written information, such as a summary of the video. Or to make a comment about something that is shown in the video. This can either be fullscreen or small and/or transparent.

4. To make a reflective question

In the same way, you can make a reflective question. As opposed to the Question interaction, the viewer now doesn't have to give an answer. They only need to think about it. In the example below, we added a fullscreen Pause Screen.

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