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Can I add multiple video files to the same timeline?
Can I add multiple video files to the same timeline?
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Because hihaho adds a layer to an online video, it does not adjust the original video. Therefore, you can’t add or combine multiple video files to the same timeline.

Do you have several video clips that need to be combined? Then you have a few options.

Create one video file

This option gives the best user experience.

Create 1 video file from all your individual clips in your video editor before uploading the video in hihaho. If you want to make a branched video (i.e. an interactive video in which people should be able to jump to different fragments) place everything one after the other in 1 video. After uploading you add the interaction action types in hihaho. You only need to publish 1 video in hihaho this way. And the advantage is that you can edit everything on 1 timeline. Is this not possible for you or does this not seem convenient at all? Then you can also use the option below.

Link interactive videos

Upload the different video clips one by one in hihaho and link them via the hyperlink action type or linked video interaction. The interactive videos will open within the same frame. This option is especially useful if you want to link several long videos together. Editing, updating and managing individual videos is in some cases easier than editing, updating and managing a very lengthy video. Useful to know if you are considering this option: All videos must be published. Also keep in mind the restrictions on autoplay.

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