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How can I cut, trim or crop a video?
How can I cut, trim or crop a video?
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Because hihaho adds a layer to an online video, you can not edit the original video.

However there are a few ways to create the effect of a cut, trim or crop with the interactive layer.

Option 1:

Skip parts of the video with the jump to interaction.

Option 2:

Adjust the start and end time of the video in the video player tab of the video settings and hide the time indication in the player bar. (see image below) This setting is only visible in the end result. Test the effect via the preview button.

Do you need to make a lot of adjustments to the source video? I recommend using a video editing tool for this. You can upload the video again and move the interactions to the new version in one go. Video already published? Follow the instructions in this article to replace a video without changing the URL.

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